What Christmas Means To Me – Blogmas 2021 Day 5

Hi, My Beauties

I would like to talk about what the Christmas & Holiday season means to me. Since my mom’s passing in 2014, it feels very different. Even though my mom wasn’t always in the Christmas spirit, she would always buy gifts for me, my sister and her grandchildren. I sure do miss her fussing. 🙂

I believe Christmas is about giving what you can spare and volunteering to help others. This year, I’m serving my community with some Holiday kindness by:

        • donating from my kitchen to a local food pantry
        • giving gift cards to strangers while out and about
        • putting together Christmas baskets to give away randomly
Love Bath & Body Works candles!

Outside of my service, I’m most excited about relaxing at home, listening to Christmas music and cooking my favorite meals. I still love a good ole Hallmark Christmas movie. Also, shopping for candles, decorations and gifts to cozy up my home.

What I love most about Christmas is creating happy memories to look back on and spending time with my loved ones. This Holiday season is going to be great because I believe it will be. Happiness is a choice and I choose to be happy enjoying life and being grateful for what I have.

What does Christmas mean to you, My Beauties?

Leave a comment below.


Until next time, be blessed 🙂

Author: Goldies Journey

I'm a 50 yr old woman who loves to travel, read, paint and go line dancing. I also enjoy going to wineries and movies. I am a happy, upbeat, positive person with a great personality. I love my turtle and will get a dog one day. I am a mother of a beautiful 31 yr old daughter who is my best friend. All That GOD Is I AM!

2 thoughts on “What Christmas Means To Me – Blogmas 2021 Day 5”

  1. I know that feeling of loss myself. I myself love that the holiday is about giving not so much of what someone may want but the necessary be it monetary, an act of kindness or a simple gesture and if course being around your loved ones.

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