Guest Post by SiddeeQah – Blogmas 2021 Day 11

Hi, My Beauties

I am excited to welcome our guest, my daughter SiddeeQah who will post about How to stay in the Christmas spirit. So sit back and enjoy the blog.

Happy Holidays Beauties! I’m here to guest post and happy to talk about how I’ve been staying in the Christmas spirit this season! It’s safe to say that the last couple of years have been a mixed bag of feelings due to the state of our world. Many are struggling while others are seeing more money and resources coming their way than ever before. However, no matter where you land on that spectrum, staying in the holiday spirit may be a challenge. Hopefully, sharing my experience can inspire another, so let’s go!

I define what Christmas means to me!

Knowing the answers to questions like “What is Christmas spirit?” and “What does Christmas mean to me?” can set you on an intentional path of navigating this season. My mom and I have explored new traditions over the last several years such as exchanging New Year’s gifts instead of Christmas or not exchanging gifts at all. This allows us to focus on family time and doing things together, uninterrupted by the stress of buying gifts and spending large sums of money. This year, Christmas spirit feels like being of service, taking my time and getting lots of rest, and doing simple things in the house with my mom. Knowing that we’ll be having good food and a day to pamper ourselves has me anticipating Christmas Day. 

Decorating early!

I pulled out the decorations on Thanksgiving and we set things up around the house over the following days. Having holiday décor around the house genuinely sparks positive thoughts for me about the season, all the good, cozy and warm feelings stick around. It’s from experience that I know I enjoy the season much more when we take time to put up the tree, dress up the walls and furniture, and buy something new to complement the decorations we already have.

Random Acts of Holiday Kindness!

The past two years, my mom has been inspired to create ways for us to perform Random Acts of Kindness for the holiday season. This year, we took things to a new level! Many surprise gift cards, grocery giveaways, and sharing it all with our online communities. As a participant, it reinforced what Christmas spirit is to me. I truly believe that you can turn around your whole mood when you are having a challenging time by taking a moment to do a kind thing for someone else. These Random Acts of Kindness shift your perspective, no matter how tired or stressed you may be. As I witness the outcome of handing off free groceries to someone or a surprise card, I am reminded about one of the most important things in life: gratitude. Gratitude for the ability to give to someone else. Gratitude for the ability to make our ideas a reality. Gratitude for the reminder to be kind to myself and those I love, just as I had been kind to a stranger. I urge you to give it a try!

Holiday-themed activities

and as natural as possible. This season, I incorporated a few simple activities randomly into my life. For me, as long as it inspired what Christmas spirit means to me, it counts! Here are a few simple things I did:

  • Visited LumiNature at the Philadelphia Zoo. It was completely decked out in beautiful lighting designs with a lot of Christmas influence.

    My visit to LumiNature!
  • Wearing Christmas-themed accessories and clothing on any given day. 
  • Using Holiday lo-fi music in my Instagram and Facebook stories.
  • Taking holiday themed selfies
  • Indulging in snacks and food that remind me of Christmas. I know we have to watch what we eat, but I like to eat pie and drink hot cocoa more around this time than any other. 

There it is! Some of what has kept me in the Christmas Spirit this year through recovering from a surgery, changes in my work and income, cold weather, and everyday stresses. This year, I was determined to enjoy the holiday season and I have done that mainly by keeping it simple and doing things that make me feel at peace. I hope your holidays are going well and thanks for reading!

What a wonderful way to stay in the Holiday spirit. Thank you SiddeeQah for being a guest on my blog .  I hope everyone has been enjoying Blogmas and their Holiday season.  It has been fun for me. 

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Until Next Time…Take the time to Enjoy Life 🙂


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