Daydream Series: Chapter 7

A Love Story

(Name) woke up very happy this morning and now he is singing in the shower.  I’m getting dressed and feel a little sad because this is our last day together before I get on the plane to go home.  This has been a great weekend and I don’t know if I will be able to top it when he comes to visit me. He says he wants a relaxing weekend just doing things I love.

We sit and eat breakfast laughing about how much fun we had last night.  Now we have to say goodbye to our amazing hosts and head out to church in the Historic District. Our driver from last night comes to pick us up and he has this big smile on his face.  I’m sure its because we were kinda wild in the back of his car last night.  Not too wild :).

We pull up to the church and it looks like an old plantation.  (Name) pulls out an envelope from his suit pocket and hands it to our driver.  I’m assuming it a big fat tip. He shakes his hand and thanks him for his service. Once inside, the church is beautiful with flowers at the end of every pew. It looks like somebody is getting married today.  The sermon was good, the pastor preached about falling in love and forgiveness.  It was definitely something we needed to hear.  After church, there was a horse & carriage waiting outside for us. (Name) planned a quick tour around the town and lunch before we head back to Atlanta.  This man is very romantic. He is always thinking of ways to put a smile on my face.

We rode around for about an half hour and stopped at a little cottage for lunch.  We sat outside on the patio that overlooks a lake.  It’s a little cloudy but perfect weather to sit outside. (Name) looks dashing in his charcoal grey suit and I have on a black & white dress with yellow flowers on the trim.  (Name) keeps calling me his little sunflower. I kinda like the nickname. We eat and talk about how much fun we had this weekend.

How did you like this weekend Sunflower”

“I loved it, the best weekend I had in a long time. Thank you”

“Your welcome I love putting a smile on your face. I had an amazing time this weekend too and I wouldn’t want to spend it with anybody else but you.  Your smart, kind, beautiful and very sexy and I am so happy I met you.”

He has this intense look on his face. He really wants me to know how he feels.

“I’m happy I met you too”

We start smiling and I lean over and give him a big fat juicy kiss. I love kissing his lips they are so soft and firm and he tastes so damn good, Yummy :).  

“What day are you coming to Philly, Thursday night or Friday morning?”

“Friday morning because I have a lot of work to catch up on”

“I’m excited we get to spend another long weekend together. Anything special you want?”

“Just you” there goes that look again.  This man is so special and I’m never letting him go.  He just doesn’t know it yet.

We head back to the church where (Name) car is parked.  Right before I get in he pushes me up against the car and lean his forehead on mine.  Slowly, he kisses each eye and nibbles on both my earlobes whispering sweet nothing in my ears.  He kisses me on each cheeks and heads for my lips.  Very gently he kisses my lips and slips his tongue in my mouth tasting my heat. He grabs the back of my head to deepen the kiss. Our tongues are doing a very dangerous tango.  He finally let my bruised lips go and says,

Now we can go” SMH I climb into the car. My hands are trembling and my body is on fire.  What is this man trying to do to me?

The drive back is quiet and quick. We both have a lot on our mind.  We made it back to Atlanta in record time.  Once inside the penthouse (Name) is speechless by what he sees. There are sunflowers of every color place around the house and a big centerpiece of multi-color tulips on his dining table. Plus, I ordered some candles which was lit by Aaron Michael before we arrived. I wanted to leave a little bit of me there while I’m gone so every time he sees those sunflowers he will think of me.

He walks over picks me up and start spinning me around saying,

“Woman you are a piece of work.  How did you pull this off”

“I contacted Aaron on Friday night and let him know what I wanted and ask could he help make it happen.”

“I love it, nobody has every done anything like this for me”

“I’m glad you like it. Stick with me because there is more of this to come”

“I plan too I’m not letting you go Sunflower”

We talk for a little bit while I wait for the car service to come.  Once my ride is here, we go down to the lobby.  (Name) pulls me into his arms and holds me. We’re inhaling each other’s scent like it will be the last time. Goodbyes are always hard.

“I will see you Friday morning Beautiful. I’m going to miss you” He kisses me passionately.

“I miss you already baby”  Slowly I get into the car, roll down the window and blow (Name) a kiss.  As we pull away a tear rolled down my face. This is going to be a long plane ride.

Stay tuned to see what happens next.

Love ♥ Over ♥ Everything ♥

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