Daydream Series: Chapter 8

A Love Story

It’s Friday morning and (Name) will be here within the hour.  I have been cleaning and rearranging my house all week.  My stomach in knots and I didn’t get a good night sleep.  I’m so nervous and excited at the same time. This will be the first time (Name) has been to Philly and I want to leave a lasting impression.  I really miss him.

Wondering, Is this moving to fast? Is he the one? Am I falling too soon?

I look out the window and see (Name) getting out of the car.  Damn. My heart skips a beat. He looks so good with his mocha caramel complexion and his jeans are fitting in all the right places. I’m trying to be a good girl this weekend but his bald head makes him look yummy.  I’m gonna make him sleep in my daughter’s room. Sike 🙂

I open the door and he walks up the steps. We make eye contact and that look spoke volumes about how much he desires me.  He comes in, drop his bags and pulls me into his arms. He lifts my chin and stares into my eyes saying

“Hi Beautiful, it’s been too long without seeing your face.”

Gently he kisses my lips, my eyes, my cheeks and nibble on my ears whispering how much he missed me. My legs feel like jello. Finally he comes back to my lips and slowly starts to kiss my top lip and then proceed to suck on my bottom lip while his tongue explore the passion in my mouth. Breathing heavy our kiss becomes aggressive and fiercely possessive.  We break apart for a second and he picks me up. I wrap my legs around him. Mind you, I’m a big girl 185 lbs of ass and hips.  He continues kissing me on my neck and breasts. I run my hands over his bald head loving every minute of it.

After a few minutes he places me back on my feet.  I hold on trying to steady myself.  

Hi Baby,”

What a way to be greeted at the door. Holding hands I show him around. 

I’m so happy to see you.”

Giddy like teenagers we kiss, touch, feel on each other. It seems like forever since we seen each other.

“Let me show you where to put your bags”

We walk upstairs and I take him to my daughter’s room. Smiling I say

You can leave your bags in here. Jokingly, I ask, “Is the bed (daybed) big enough for you?

Shaking his head, he says

“I will make it work if that’s where you want me to be”

Laughing, I take him to my room

This is my love den where the magic doesn’t happen  He smiles.

I let him know he can sleep in here where he will be more comfortable. I doubt his 6’2 frame will fit in the daybed.

 After he unpacks we head out to breakfast at my favorite restaurant (4th & Spring garden).  We talk and he tells me places he wants to see in Philly.  Once lunch is over we go to the Art museum to see the Rocky statue and take picture from the top of all those damn stairs.  We head over to boat house row and take a stroll along the water.  We chill there for about an hour before showing him around downtown Philly. We later ride to 9th & Washington to get some crabs, shrimps, mussels and fish for our seafood night.

Once we arrive home, (Name)is upstairs making a few calls and I’m in the kitchen frying fish, sauteing shrimps, corn, potatoes and mussels.  I turn on some music and pour a glass of wine. An hour later , (Name) sneaks up behind me and kisses me on my neck. 

“Hey baby, it smells so good in here. What else you have left to cook?”

Just broccoli & crabs but you have to put them in.”  Laughing,  “Have you cooked crabs before?

“No, but how hard could it be?” 

He is struggling to get the first crab out. They are snapping and holding on to each other. 

“Why are they stuck together???”

 I start cracking up laughing.  He gets one in the pot and fights to get another in.  I give him a glass of wine hoping that it will make the situation easier.  Fifteen minutes later, he has five more crabs in.  At this rate, it will be dark outside before we eat. We still have a dozen and half left to cook.  After two more glasses of wine and a shot of tequila he is ready to try again. I would have like help but I’m a scaredy cat.

He was working hard trying to get these crab in the pot but they kept holding on to each other.  He finally got five more in and then one fell out the bag on to the floor.  I ran so fast into the living room.  Imagine him chasing this little crab around the kitchen, sweating his ass off. I almost peed on myself from laughing so hard.  Finally, he caught it and put it in pot.

Why didn’t you tell me they play hard to get?sweat dripping from his brow.

What did you expect, they are females, we are not easy” , wiping his sweat with a tissue.

Thank goodness it’s still light outside when we finally sit down to eat. Yummy!

“Baby, you out did yourself”, rubbing his six pack stomach. “I can’t eat another bite best seafood I ever had.”

I’m glad you liked it”   He leans in and gives me a sweet kiss. Seafood night was a success!

We freshen up and take a drive to Penn’s Landing to walk around a little bit.  Snuggled under his arms, we sit by the water watching the boats go by.  It was a nice breeze blowing and the sun was about to set.  Such a beautiful sight.


He kisses me on my forehead and says he’s happy to be here. We sit there silently in our own thoughts.  It’s been a good day so far.

Once back home, we shower (not together) & change into matching pajamas I picked out for us.  I put on one of my favorite movies, Man on Fire and I tell Ryan to stretch out on the couch because I’m going to give him a facial.  I pour us a glass of wine… yes, we drink wine a lot and I give him the best facial he ever had. He falls asleep and I gently kiss him on his lips.  It’s been a long day but I still have to prepare for our busy day tomorrow.

Stay tuned to see what happens next.

Love ♥ Over ♥ Everything ♥

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