Daydream Series: Chapter 9

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A Love Story

It’s the next afternoon and we are on our way to Delaware Park Casino & Racetrack. During the ride, (Name) has been on the phone with his brother for a half hour. Something went wrong at the job site and he might have to leave early. I hope not because I have something nice planned for us tomorrow.

We finally make it to our destination and I lead (Name) to the lush park area surrounding the casino. I packed us a picnic basket with strawberries, grapes, turkey sandwiches, fried chicken, potato salad and champagne. We find a spot by the racetrack where we sit our chairs and lay the blanket down under a tree. While Ryan goes inside to place a couple of bets on the horses I set up our picnic.  I pour us a glass of champagne and we toast to winning big & falling in love.





picnic basket


(Name) kisses and feeds me after each bite. He is definitely a man not afraid of PDA.   Laying in his arms we wait for the races to start.

Kissing my neck, he asks “When will you be ready to move to Atlanta with me?

I lift up and look into his eyes “Don’t you think it’s to early for that?”

Not when you know what you want and I want you.”

“(Name), it’s only been eight weeks since we’ve known each other.”

“I’m not trying to rush you but I knew you were the one the first time I saw you”

Gently kissing his lips “Can I think about it?”

Yes Beautiful, just don’t take too long. I don’t like this long distant. I want you with me.” Our kiss is passionate and uncaring of who’s around us.

We pack up and go inside to collect our winnings. We won a couple of thousand on the horses.  Now it’s time to try our luck at the tables. (Name) wins big playing Roulette and High Roller Poker but I’m not as lucky playing the slots and Big Wheel. I see (Name) and he is up about twenty five grand. It’s time for us to go before he loses it all back. We cash out and go get ice cream. You can’t go to Delaware Casino without getting ice cream. (Name) wants to feed me again its his new thing on this trip. I think it’s to steal kisses in between bites. On our way back home we are jamming to 80’s & 90’s old school rap.  We look crazy trying to do the Wop, Charlie Brown and running man in the car.  It was hilarious.  

I get home and my nosy sister is there to meet (Name). She called saying she needs to meet the man that has her sister glowing.  She grills him for about 15 minutes until he gets a phone call. We discuss (Name) for a few minutes as she rambles on about how Fine he is just how I like it.

When you going to give him some? You know it’s been a while for you.”

I just shake my head “Soon, very soon.”  

My sister finally leaves. I pour myself a glass of wine and relax on the couch. I’m exhausted from cooking and cleaning these last few days. (Name) joins me and gives me a foot massage.  We are supposed to go out tonight but decides to stay in and listen to music & play cards for a couple of hours.

Aaron calls again with more bad news.  One of their worker fell off a crane and he’s in bad condition. (Name) spent the next hour and a half on the phone with his brother and lawyer.  Once off the phone he tell me he will be leaving early in the morning. His assistant was able to get him the first private plane leaving the airport.  

I’m sorry I have to leave baby, I will make it up to you” Pulling me into his arms.

Of course I’m sad but you have to handle your business

That’s why you need to move to Atlanta. We won’t be there long I got that big contract for the West coast” nestling my neck. “ Damn, I’m missing you already

He sits on the couch and I straddle him. He rubs on my back and ass as he kisses my neck, nibbles on my ear, kisses both sides of my lips. I moan softly.  He flicks his tongue over my lips and sucks on my bottom lip. I open my mouth slightly and he glides his tongue inside, savoring the taste of wine and mint.  His kisses get more aggressive as I rub on his bald head.  He slowly lift my shirt over my head. Small kisses are planted on my shoulders and on the top of my breast. I’m breathing heavy as he unbuttons my bra. I grab the back of his head and pulls his lips to mine. We play tongue war inside each other mouths.  He dips his head and grab one nipple between his lips. I moan loudly.  He nibbles, bites and sucks on my breast like a man searching for milk.  He moves onto the other nipple duplicating the same action.  

His phone rings…

He pushes my skirt up and slips his hand inside my panties. “Damn baby you are so wet.” I inhale deeply and moan his name “(Name)” He gently rubs my sweet spot and my body jerks into him. I’m biting on his neck and shoulder, tasting his scent. 

His phone keeps ringing…

He slips his two fingers inside my love nest and I rode them like I’m in the rodeo. He flips me onto my back and slides between my legs.  He removes his fingers and slowly sucks the juices off  them. That shit turns me on I damn near explode.  “Oh baby” he says, “You taste so good” He grabs my chin and kisses me dizzy as he grinds his thick hard manhood into my sweet spot.

Phone still ringing, “Baby I have to get this”  after a quick kiss he finally answers the phone. “Damn

It was Aaron again with important news that couldn’t wait until morning. I get up, hot and bothered.  I jump in the shower to get ready for bed. It’s been some time, nearing one o’clock and Ryan is still on the phone. I go downstairs to say goodnight. I give him a kiss and remind him he has to be at the airport at five. I guess I should be happy I dodged that bullet but I’m not.  He lit a fire in me that I have never felt before. Next time, there will be no interruptions.

Stay tuned to see what happens next.

Love ♥ Over ♥ Everything ♥

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  1. Gurrrllll, you know I love this love story, I all caught up now and waiting for the next chapter… I love this story Val 🤗🤗🤗🤗👍👍👍👍👍


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