Daydream Series: Chapter 5

A Love Story

We have been on the road for two hours listening to old school rap and 90’s R & B music. We made one stop for gas and snacks.  The drive has been very insightful exchanging stories about our life and lessons we learned along the way.  We talk about things we want to accomplish and goals we have for the future. I told him I want to visit places overseas like Dubai, Italy, London and South of France.  He said “stick with me baby I will show you the world”.

A little tidbit about (Name).  He has a 28-year-old son, that he had right out of high school and he was married for five years in his early 20’s. He is ready to settle down and get married again.  Sadly, both of his parents are deceased and Aaron Michael is his only sibling.  He travels the world and hasn’t lived in one place for more than a year. (Name) is very affectionate and loving.  He’s either holding & kissing my hand, massaging the back of my head, caressing my face or rubbing my leg. He has to have some kind of physical contact.  I kinda like it.

We finally get to our destination and it’s a very nice place.  We are just in time for the evening festivities. The hosts show us to the patio where there is wine, fruit, cheese and homemade bread.  I was hoping to meet other couples but(Name) reserved the B & B just for us. He said he didn’t want to share me with anyone this weekend.

Inside our villa, I see candles lit all over the villa and hear soft music playing. I go to my room, unpack, and take a quick shower.  Once I get out the shower I see a dozen of yellow roses on the nightstand and a robe & slippers laying on the bed with a little gift box sitting on top.  I open the box to find a pair of dangling diamond earrings with a note saying  “This is one of many surprise for you this weekend”.

I find (Name) in the kitchen pouring two glasses of champagne.  I walk up behind him standing on my tiptoes I kiss him on his neck.  He turns around and I kiss him passionately.  Once our lips parted he says,

“Damn baby, I need to be kissed like this every day”. With this big smile on his face

“You keep spoiling me like this and there will be more than kisses you get”

He handed me my champagne glass and led me towards the living room. I see two people standing by massage tables. (Name) has ordered us a couple’s massage. It was the best massage I had, so relaxing and peaceful. Plus, I got an amazing facial and foot rub. After our massages, the Innkeepers brought our dinner over. It was a very romantic setting. We laughed, drank and talked for hours but now it’s time for bed. Grabbing my hand, he walks slowly to my room.

“Get some rest beautiful, we have a full day of events tomorrow”.

He kisses me goodnight and proceeds to walk away.  I grab his hands and lay my head on his chest, breathing in his scent is intoxicating. We stand there holding each other for a little while.  Finally, I pull away and go into my room.

“Good night (Name)”.

Stay tuned to see what happens next.

Love ♥ Over ♥ Everything ♥

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