Daydream Series: Chapter 4

A Love Story

The flight to Atlanta is easy and quick.  I’m nervous and excited that I will finally get to see him.  It’s been six weeks and worth the long wait.  As I’m leaving the airport, I see a man holding a sign with my name on it. After a quick introduction, he takes my bags and we’re headed on our way.  He’s very talkative and I welcome the distraction. As we pull up to a construction site I’m thinking, Why are we here?  The driver must’ve read my mind because he says, “Mr. (Name) wanted me to bring you here.”

I’m not dressed for all this dirt and grime with my heels and sexy fitted dress that shows all my curves.  He walks me to this trailer and thank goodness its cool inside because it’s hot as balls outside.  We say our goodbyes and I’m left waiting inside.  The butterflies are going crazy in my stomach. I start pacing the floor and working up a sweat, messing up my makeup.  I take a few deep breaths and sit down to calm my nerves.  After a few minutes, I’m calmer so I reapply my lipstick and check my makeup. “I look good”.

Waiting, it’s been a half hour.

The door opens… In walks this tall about 6’2, slightly muscular but slim, sexy ass man. I’m checking him out from head to toe savoring every moment.  He has on work boots, jeans with a slight bulge, white button up shirt, white helmet and a big ass smile.

“Hi baby, you’re looking very sexy in that dress”

“Hi (Name)” I’m kinda speechless. He’s just my type. “Thanks”

“Come here, I need to see you close up”

I walk over to him and we just look at each other for a minute.  He grabs my hands, pulled them to his lips and kissed them.

“I’m so happy you are here. How was the flight?”

“It was good, thanks for the first class seat”.

“Anything for my baby”,  He pulls me into his arms and says “I’m going to kiss you now and you are going to like it”.

He lifts my chin up and I stand on my tiptoes. Slowly and gently our lips meet. He pulls and nibbles on my bottom lip and dips his tongue in. I suck and twirl my tongue around his.  He tastes succulent and dreamy.  We break our kiss to get air into our lungs. Our breathing is heavy.  He continues to plants kisses all over my face and dives in for one more long kiss.

I’m so happy he is holding me because my knees are weak.  Once he pulls away from me I look up into his face and his eyes are smoky with lust.  Wow. That kiss was powerful and spoke volumes to how much we are feeling.

There’s a knock on the trailer and a man walks in. He looks so much like (Name) except a little shorter, maybe 6 feet but has the same handsome face. This must be his younger brother, Aaron Michael. He introduces himself and we exchange a few words. I am glad for the interruption because it was getting pretty heated in here.

The driver from earlier comes to pick us up and we head to his penthouse apartment in Buckhead. Once we get inside, (Name) immediately jumps into the shower because we need to leave within the hour. He is taking me to a Bed & Breakfast in Savannah called Azalea Inn & Villas, one of his many surprises for the weekend.  With a three hour drive ahead of us, we need to hit the road before the afternoon traffic.

While he’s getting dressed, I take a look around the apartment. It definitely needs a woman’s touch. There are no pictures, flowers or candles in sight. I’ll have to change that. It’s very spacious and has high ceilings. He will only be living here for 5 more months, then it’s on to the next job.

He’s dressed, showered, shaved and smells so delightful, looking so handsome in his slacks & V-neck shirt.  I’m looking outside at the view of the city and I can see him staring at me from the reflection in the window.

I turn and smile. He smiles back and licks his lips before he walks over to give me a big hug.

“You ready to go Beautiful?” I nod my head yes. He kisses me quickly on the lips and we head out the door.

How can I resist this man when he touches me like this.  It’s going to be a long drive.

Stay tuned to see what happens next.

Love ♥ Over ♥ Everything ♥

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