DayDream Series: Chapter 6

A Love Story

I had such a wonderful time with (Name) last night, I woke up feeling relaxed and well rested. We laughed so much last night that my rib cage hurt this morning. (Name) is very funny always telling corny jokes. I hope he slept well last night. I’m wondering does he sleep in boxer, briefs or naked.  One day I will find out, but not this weekend.  We both decided it was too soon for sex and that we will like to get to know each other better.

While getting dressed, I smell food and my stomach starts growling. I need to hurry up because I’m starving. I’m wearing beige short, white V-neck shirt and sneakers.  I walk into the kitchen and the innkeepers have laid out a big spread. Ryan is sitting at the table waiting for me. He has on beige cargo shorts, white V-neck shirt and sneakers.

Damn, he looks good.

We didn’t coordinate our clothes but great minds think alike. He stands and pulls out my chair for me. We hold hands while saying grace and then he kisses me good morning.   He smells delicious wearing his Bleu de Chanel cologne.  Damn near edible.

“How are you feeling this morning, Beautiful?”

“I’m feeling great, I haven’t sleep that well in a long time. How did you sleep?”

“I slept OK, but it would have been better if you were in my arms.  I’m just saying’.  So, are you ready for our adventure today?”

“Not really, I haven’t been on a horse before and I’m a little bit nervous about riding.”

“Don’t worry you are safe with me.” (Name) caresses my arm to reassure me. I’m getting chills from his touch. “You look very pretty but you always do”

Blushing, I say thank you and we eat in silent. I wonder what he’s thinking.  There are times when he says nothing and just stares at me. I don’t know what that look means yet. Its too early in our friendship for me to know but I do get butterflies.

We’re on our way to the farm, it’s about 20 minutes away. I’m not happy about getting on a horse but I’m going to try just for (Name). He seems real excited about teaching me how to ride since he’s a very skilled rider. He owns a 300+ acre ranch in Wyoming with his frat brother where they breed horses and cattle. We finally arrive and this place is huge. They have a petting zoo and pony rides for kids.  I need a little donkey to ride on. LOL

(Name)goes inside to check us in and pick out our horses.  My horse is golden brown and (Name) horse is a big black stallion. He shows me how to rub the horse down and how to approach from the side talking very softly.  My horse is not as big as his, thank goodness. He shows me how to saddle and get up on the horse. Of course, he has to lift me up onto my horse.  He guides my horse around the pin for a couples of laps. I’m still not excited about this but he is a good teacher.  He asks if I’m ready to ride alone, shaking my head yes I am willing to try one more lap. He is right there making sure I’m safe. The horse is very gentle like he can sense I’m afraid. I do two laps around the pin and now I’m ready to get off.

(Name) lifts me from the saddle and slides me down his body very slow.  He kisses my forehead and says he’s very proud of me for trying. We decided that I will ride with(Name)on his stallion to Tybee Island, which is about a mile away from the farm.  The ride was easy and the stallion was well behaved.  Once on the beach I see a canopy setup with a waiter ready to serve us lunch.  I could get used to this.  The waiter seat us at the table & pour us each a glass of strawberry mimosa and serves us our lunch.

“How are you enjoying yourself so far?”

“I’m having a very good time. I think I did a good job on the horse but I like riding on your horse better. How long have you been riding?”

“For over 20 years. When I met my frat brother he owned a couple of horses and he taught me how to ride. That was something we did when we had downtime from our jobs.  So, when we got the opportunity to buy the ranch for a good price we jumped on it.  He runs the ranch and handles the day to day business”

“Why did you choose Wyoming?”

“He’s from there and wanted to move back home.  He got tired of the rat race of city life.  I didn’t know anything about running a ranch but I had the money and he had the skills. We have been in business for 10 years and its doing quite well.  I will take you there one day.  You will love all the greenery and mountains”

“I have always wanted to go to Wyoming and Montana. Now I will get to check it off my bucket list”

“What other places do you have on your bucket list?”

“Well I would like to visit Italy, Dubai & Hawaii. I would like to go parasailing”

“Those places are doable and I would love to help you check them off you bucket list. If you will allow me”

“We will have to wait and see” with a smile I continue eating.

The setting was so romantic and you can hear the waves flowing.  In my mind this man is a keeper but my heart saying the verdict is still out.

After lunch we stay on the beach for a little while. We’re feeling all giddy like teenagers, running, hugging, kissing and chasing each other on the beach.  He tackle me down on the sand and started kissing me.  We didn’t even notice the water wetting our clothes. He release my lips for a quick second to stare into my eyes.  His eyes are fill with so much passion it literally blinds me.  He dives in for more and I drink in his passion like a craze woman dying from thirst.  We finally break apart and realize our shorts are soaking wet. We get up laughing, trying to ring out our shorts.  Holding hands we continue to walk on the beach until we get to Ryan’s car.  One of the workers dropped it off when he came to get the horse.

While driving back to the B & B we see a flea/farmer market on a farm. We stop to see what they have for sale. We brought homemade ice cream, chocolate chip cookies, and popcorn. We walk around for two hours picking up little trinkets but its time for us to head back and get change for tonight.

I’m wearing a thinly strap red & white polka dot dress with a pair of heels. The dress fits like a glove hugging my curves in all the right places.  (Name) has on a pair of slacks and a button up shirt.  We are going dancing in Savannah Historic District.  A car comes to pick us up and take us to the lounge.  We are taken to the VIP area where there is champagne waiting.  I down a full glass and pull (Name) to the dance floor.  We drink & dance the night away. There was a lot of bumping & grinding on the dance floor. We were told to get a room a couple of times.

We make-out in the back of the car on our way back to the B & B.  We both are a little tipsy and can’t keep our hands off each other.  This has been an amazing day.

Once inside, we change into our pajamas and snuggle on the couch to watch a movie. We feed each other ice cream & cookies that we bought from the flea market.  Smiling with our stomach full, we doze off to sleep.  The next morning I wake up in (Name) arms.  I’m pretty sure he finally got a good night sleep. 🙂

Stay tuned to see what happens next.

Love ♥ Over ♥ Everything

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