Daydream Series: Chapter 1

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A Love Story

I met him in Atlanta.  I was on my way to a conference and he was there. I didn’t like him at first sight. I was on this mission of self love and didn’t have time for men. I didn’t see how attractive & handsome he was.  He walk over trying to tell a little joke and I look at him like he was crazy. He came across cocky & arrogant but sexy as hell.  Of course I said something sarcastic back to him. We would go at it during the course of the day.

Later that evening after the conference I went down to the hotel bar to get a drink. He was sitting at the bar with a bunch of people he met that day. I look at him, roll my eyes and order myself a glass of wine. Fifteen minutes later he was beside me asking How did I enjoy the conference, Where I was from and Why I didn’t like him. I turn to look at him and felt this flutter in my soul like I’ve met him before. I just stared at him for a minute. He cleared his throat and ask me those questions again. I finally got around to answering him after I closed the door to my heart. I told him I really enjoyed the conference and I was from Philly. He said with a smile you didn’t answer my last question.

 Oh my… his smile, those lips, his eyes. What was I supposed to say? I felt that little fluttering again. I said I don’t know you to dislike you. He was still smiling when he said would you like to know me. I clear my throat but didn’t say anything. One of the guys called him over, so he went back to his friends. Thank goodness I dodged a bullet. On his way leaving out he came over, grab my hand & kissed it gently and said by the way my name is (NAME) I hope to see you tomorrow. Have a good night. From that first touch I knew he was my soul mate. What am I going to do now?

Stay tuned to see what happen next.

Love ♥ over ♥ everything ♥

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