Daydream Series: Chapter 2

A Love Story

I woke up the next morning feeling excited and nervous. I got dressed and headed downstairs for breakfast.  As I looked around, I made eye contact with him.

His face broke out in a big smile like he was happy to see me.  As I walked by he said, “Good morning beautiful, did you sleep well?”

“Yes I did. Did you?”

“No I didn’t,  I couldn’t get your pretty face out my mind.” We paused and just stared at each other. He got up from the table and said,  “I’ll see you inside.”  I just stared after him trying to calm down the butterflies that were in my stomach.

Who is this man and What does he want from me?

I gathered food at the breakfast buffet and sat down to eat. My mind was spinning and my heart racing.  Eating was not possible at this time.  I got up and proceeded into the conference. I looked around to see if I would spot him in the crowd.  He was nowhere to be found.  A little disappointment settled in, sadly I walked to my seat. The conference was about to start and I wasn’t interested in anything they had to say.  The host came on stage to introduce the speaker for this morning.

“Good morning, Ladies & Gentlemen. Our next speaker is a Business Owner of one of the top 100 companies in Commercial Construction. He has a degree in Architecture & Design and has been featured in Building Design & Construction Magazine, Home & Design Magazine and Architectural Digest Magazine. He has been in business for 15 years and is a philanthropist who donates his time and money to help out the less fortunate.  One more tidbit about him: He is single, ladies. Without further ado, let us bring (Name) to the stage.”

When he walked on stage my heart skipped a beat.  This alluring and very sexy man walked across the stage with a powerful strut. He was very sure of himself.  As he spoke about entrepreneurship and the benefits of having your own business, his eyes scanned the room until they found mine. He smiled that very sexy smile and gave a wink. By this time, I was sweating and the fluttering was back in my stomach.  I needed some fresh air, so I tiptoed with my finger up like we do in church when we need to be excused. LOL Once, I got outside my heart slowed down and I was able to breath again.

After his presentation was over he ran outside and found me in the courtyard…

Stay tuned to see what happens next.

Love ♥  over ♥ everything ♥

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